Can I Purchase sold out items?
we’re afraid not. Because every collection are limited. But, if you are
really interested in Sold Out items, please contact us. Our team will do
further checked regarding the items

Does Puru Kambera have an offline store? 

The items only sell by online

When we can accept items that we ordered?
The duration of product delivery services estimation depends on what
services you choose. If wants the product early, make sure to choose :
One-day-service (for Java island). For outside Java, it needs at least 2-3

How much the delivery cost?
The cost will automatically know after you registered your address.
Please, do Check Out process to find out more about shipping cost.

What material Puru Kambera used?
We always used the same material, it called Puruvoile. Voile cotton. Our
signature material.

What if we find an error with the product we ordered?
We apologize for any inconvenience. Please contact our Customer Service at email help@purukambera.com